Join the Black Social Movement

This was my first ever project using Adobe Illustrator. Using the techniques that I learned in class such as using the pathfinder window and creating visually appealing icons, and differentiating between good and bad infographics, I was able to come up with a presentable project. Essentially in this infographic, it is meant to highlight four of some the biggest issues surrounding the black community in the U.S. today. After informing the reader with these issues, I hit them with the hopefully inspiring quote to be more socially conscious and perhaps in the future more actively involved on this issue just like the older generations of black activists before us.

Just like W.E.B. Du Bois said, there is urgency for black social responsibility, according to his famous essay “The Talented Tenth” – 10 being the percentage of African-Americans who need to lead the race into an integrated, equal America.


U.S. News


NY Times

The Economist


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