Trump’s Doodles: From Silly to Serious

Original Meme

This is a viral meme that came out last month which many people have probably seen on social media: a photo of President Trump holding an executive order filled with his doodle of a cat. I used some of the photoshop skills that I learned from my media class, to make many changes to the photo and its meaning.

My Alterations

First, I used the patch tool, which allowed me to remove the cat doodle on the right and the phrase “kat” on the left in order to use the brush tool to write “Rich People Only”. I then found a picture of a “Get Out of Jail Free” card from the board game Monopoly (which was originally orange). In order to blend it in with the photo I first used the vanishing point tool to help me align the card with the dimensions of the book, rather than just placing the 2D image over it. Then to make the card the same color as the book, I used the match color adjustment tool to make it a greenish background. Finally, to layer his fingers over the right side of the book, I simply used the lasso tool to copy and paste his fingers into a new layer.

My research shows that almost 1% of adults of the U.S. population are incarcerated in federal and state prisons. Many who are incarcerated are the poor, the mentally ill, and the addicted; who all lack financial means to post bail. While both the black and white communities each make up 40% of the incarcerated population, the white population of America is five times the size of the black population, which means that blacks have a much higher rate of incarceration than whites by population percentage.

Therefore, I made specific altercations to this meme in order to make it relevant to incarceration (my research topic) because, basically if you are rich and have money, you can get out of jail and reduce risk of incarceration. This is because incarcerated people who don’t have money can’t get a job due to their criminal records, so they are just stuck in this endless cycle. I should have somehow added an element of racism to this meme in order to clarify the economic discrepancies among the two communities.


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